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How to find the perfect Craft Show!

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to Hope For Binati’s Craft Show Tips series!

The first part of doing a craft show is finding a show(s) that is right for you and your product.

Here are some tips on finding craft shows and deciding whether or not they’re right for you!

  1. Finding a show
  • Search your local newspapers and community calenders. This is a good idea especially if you have a lot of inventory on hand and you do not want to a travel long distance.
  • Search the web. There are several websites below that work in different ways. Some you can search for fairs in your area right from the website, while others you will have to sign up for and be notified by email about shows that are in your area.
  • Talk to other artists. Ask them for the contact information of the people who ran the shows they’ve previously attended.


Here are a few websites to check out if you are searching for upcoming fairs/shows!

~Google “craft shows” (with quotation marks) and your state & city.

~Sometimes craft shows and fairs ads are listed on I suggest checking there as well.



2. Is the show right for your business?

  • While you’re having that conversation with you artistic friend (as suggested in the last tip), go ahead and ask if it was a profitable show for them. Was there a lot of traffic? Were there many vendors? What kind of vendors were there (jewelry makers, wood workers, pottery & ceramics, etc.)?
  • Talk to the people who are putting on the fair. What types of artists are participating/have participated? Approximately how many customers attended?
  • Don’t talk their ear off, but get the information you need!
  • If it’s a show that’s being put on to benefit a charity or church, it’s more likely to attract middle aged /older people (this is not the ONLY age group, but it will more than likely be the majority). They may bring their children or be buying things for the grandkids. If you sell children’s clothes, pottery, jewelry for adults, or things that could easily be gifts for kids of younger ages, these shows are worth looking into.
  • If it’s a Indie Festival, or an event that is featuring live music and food, it will probably attract teenage/young adults. If you sell clothing/accessories that appeal to this crowd, wall hangings, unusual art, or any Indie styled craft, you should check this festival out!
  • If it’s an outdoor type show, such as a Fourth of July Festival or a Halloween Bash, just about any type of business could do well in these shows. Lots of people are out just to browse, though, not to shop. You will have to work to bring your customers into your booth and show them how amazing your work is!



It’s Holiday Craft Show Time! {introduction}

‘Tis the season to break out of the ordinary and start your Holiday shopping! I know, it is coming earlier and earlier every year. And after October 1st, Holiday Arts & Crafts Fairs become more and more frequent.

I am happy to announce that Hope For Binati will be participating in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Arts & Crafts Festival on November 10th!

2012 Arts Craft Sale Flyer

As I learn the new Do’s and Don’t’s of craft fairs, I’d like to invite you to follow along as I share my experiences and tips for having a successful show! I will be keeping you posted on the new things I have learned and the old tricks I have picked up from earlier shows.

I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Sincerely, Katie

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