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Not Your Average Fundraiser!

Hello all! I am super excited to share with you an amazing organization I have come across.  Threads of Hope is a simple yet profitable way to raise funds for your sports team, school, band, whatever! Not only are you helping your cause that you are raising funds for, needy families from the Philippines benefit from it as well!

Here’s their purpose statement:

Threads of Hope assists the economically oppressed in under-developed countries to establish home enterprises that will provide an income, through the development of products that can be sold world-wide. Funds generated through sales and donations will primarily be used to help meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of the communities where the products are made.

Here’s how it works:      (This is an excerpt taken from their website)

• You provide us with information concerning the nature of your fundraiser and the target amount you hope to raise.

• Upon evaluation and acceptance of your proposal we will require a responsible adult sponsor with references as a contact person.

• Threads of Hope, Inc. will ship merchandise and promotional materials to the sponsor upon their request.

• Your network of people find creativeways to sell the merchandise (we can offer suggestions that have been very successful in the past).
• Upon completion, you send Threads of Hope, Inc. a check equal to 50% of your sales (based on $2.00 for round bracelets and anklets, $4.00 for flat bracelets, and $4.00 for necklaces) and return all unsold merchandise.

*(For more info on fundraising with Threads of Hope, see their website)

To find out more information, check out their website:

Chris and Alex Kuhlow are missionaries to the Philippines, and Threads of Hope is a product of their outreach. You can read more about them here:

Threads of hope is a great cause and a fundraiser worth looking into! I know If I ever need to conduct a fundraiser, Threads of Hope will be my first choice!

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God bless, Katie 🙂



Celebrate {teal} HANDMADE



her_   Listing:





Here are some of my favorite HANDMADE teal items from Etsy. 🙂 All of them are heart & cart worthy. Enjoy, make sure you check out their listings underneath (just click the URL, it will take you straight to the listing.). God bless 🙂

Sincerely, Katie 🙂

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